Kevin Pure Sinewave Home Inverter 800VA/12V + 1 200AH/12V (Dry Cell) Battery


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Kevin Sine Wave Inverter 800va

The Kevin 850VA pure sine wave inverter is based on the unique microcontroller technology, this Pure Sinewave delivers pure sine wave output, the power from this inverter is 100% clean, distortion free and stable. It is completely safe for running very sophisticated or sensitive appliances. The 800va/12v kevin inverter requires a single 12v battery. It is safe, user and pocket friendly.


Instant switchover: when power fails, the switchover to battery mode only takes a few milliseconds.

Automatic overload regulation: When there is an overload, this sine wave UPS will reset itself, automatically.

User-friendly graphical display with audible alerts: Kevin Sine Wave UPS/inverter has a bright graphical display equipped with an audible alarm keeps you informed and alert about the system’s condition.

Fuzzy logic: With Kevin’s unique Fuzzy Logic based charging technology, there’s no need to worry about battery overcharging, the systems detects the battery’s charging requirements and controls the charging accordingly.

Reduced Power Consumption: The Kevin 850Va Sine Wave UPS has an in-built SMPS-based charger, which has the highest power factor. This will minimize the amount of AC power required to charge the batteries, thereby considerably reducing the device power consumption. It also provides ripple free DC supply to batteries, and this improves battery life.

Low Energy Lightbulbs 4
TV Sets 1
Home Theatre System –
Personal Computer(PC) 1
Deep Freezer –
Air Conditioner –


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