Kevin PURE SINEWAVE INVERTER 5KVA Inverter + 4 200AH12V Dry Cell Batteries


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Inverters basically come on when power goes off, inverters kick-in automatically without the hassle of changeover. Inverters can save you money, because they don’t require fuel and have very little maintainance requirements. For uninterrupted power supply, without air or noise pollution, choose Kevin inverters today!

Now feel immense pleasure while introducing Kevin high frequency Sine Wave Solar Inverter designed and developed using state-of-the-art microcontroller based technology using MOSFET

For those looking for extra backup capacity for home or office deployment, the Kevin 5KVA/96V DSP sine wave inverter, Colossal Series provides the robust option for comfortable home or office use. Though not the right capacity for your air conditioners, the 5kva is sufficiently robust for home or office power backup. Up to your refrigerator and freezer can be run on the 5kva. This Kevin 5kva 1-phase in – 1-phase-out stable output capacity inverter is a pure sine wave inverter, providing pure quality power and extended power backup.

The 5KVA/96V Kevin inverter runs on a battery bank of Eight 12V deep cycle batteries. For adequate power backup capacity, up to 200Ah batteries are recommended.

Kevin inverters have proven performance delivery based on the superior inverter technology that Kevin has evolved. The 5kva unit assures that robust performance and durability to guarantee an excellent return on investment. Its in-built protection mechanisms provide stable performance, extended lifespan of the inverter batteries and efficient power delivery. The latter ensures you enjoy optimal power backup time from this quality inverter.


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