Kevin PURE SINEWAVE INVERTER 7.5KVA/120V + 10 200AH/12V Dry Cell Batteries


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The Kevin 7.5kva/120v DSP Pure Sine Wave Inverter is a part of kevin’s Colossal Series, the series is powered with reliable, regulated and stabilized Pure Sine Wave Output, and is a complete power solution that is suitable for all types of applications and is more than capable of running all almost all household and office equipments from Light bulbs to refrigerators and Airconditioners and Elevators, in a very cost efficient manner. The Kevin’s 7.5KVA/120V is also a safer and healthier alternative to diesel and petrol generating sets.

The 7.5kva/120v runs on 10 12V deep cycle batteries. Kevin’s proprietary pure Sine Wave technology makes this Inverter supply clean power, which is in fact cleaner than power supply from the grid, and is completely safe to run the even the most sophisticated of office equipment or home appliances, silently.

The Kevin Colossal series 7.5KVA Pure Sine wave output makes it Safe to operate even the most sensitive equipments without.
Reliable for Heavy Duty Usage
Extended Power Back-up Time
Kevin’s 7.5kva Colossal Series Enhanced Battery Care System has lot’s of features designed to optimize your battery’s performance and prolong battery life.
Kevin’s Ease of Operation
Kevins Soft Start Technology prolongs battery Life.
Kevin’s Cold Start techhnology in-built in the 7.5kva Colossal Series.

Estimated load Guide:
Low Energy Light 12
Fridge 1
Deep Freezer 1
Fans 6
Home Theatre 2
PC 2
1HP AC 1


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