KEVIN PURE SINEWAVE OFFICE Inverter 3.5KVA/48V + 4 200AH/12V Dry Cell Batteries


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Our Kevin series Pure Sine Wave Inverter – with a unique Static UPS functions – is carefully built, based on an advanced DSP pure sine wave Technology. It is suitable for both Home and Commercial use. It has an absolute zero transfer time mechanism during Utility Power failure. As such, the Inverter is able to automatically switchover all appliances, no matter how sensitive, to battery-backup mode. The 3.5kva/48V run on four 12v batteries and deliver a purer power than the supplies from the mains.

The Inverter Inverter is safe and protects appliances connected to it against power spikes and fluctuations from the mains. Appliances like computers, lighting bulbs, fans, TVs, mini refrigerators and all basic home appliances can be powered and protected by this inverter. It is noteworthy that the Fusion series give the users the additional advantage of being able to power all their appliances whenever required.


DSP Based PWM technology using MOSFET
Instant switchover: In case of power failure,
Pure Sinewave Output
Advanced appliance protection, A feature, which automatically switches on to the Battery mode when mains power becomes erratic.
Fuzzy Logic Charging Technology for optimized charging
High Temperature Warning and automatic shutdown when Temperature surpasses safe threshold
Bypass Feature, instant bypass switch in case of faulty inverter
State of the art LCD display with the LCD panel


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