Kevin Sine Wave Inverter 1450va 1.4KVA + 2 200AH/12V Wet Cell Batteries


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The Kevin 1450VA sine wave UPS is based on the high-end microcontroller technology the Falcon Sine Wave UPS, this provides Pure Sine Wave output that is 100% safe, clean, stable, regulated and free of distortion free. This type of output is totally safe for running the very sophisticated and sensitive equipments and appliances, silently. The 1450va/24v runs on two 12v deep cycle batteries.


Instant switchover: When power fails, the automatic switching process to inverter mode takes only a few milliseconds.

Automatic overload regulation: In case of an overload, the UPS resets itself automatically to turn on again. The the cyber sine wave system will retry eight times to run at the existing load level, giving the user repeated alarms and ample time to reduce the load without allowing the system to shut down.

System and appliances fully protected: Kevin Sine Wave UPS is equipped with superior HCLC (High Cut/Low Cut) Technology that provides complete and constant protection to all appliances in case of any irregularities or disturbances in the grid supply. These include any short circuits, high voltage, low voltage or overloads.

Reduced Power Consumption: The kevin Sine Wave UPS is furnished with an SMPS-based charger, which has the highest power factor. This minimizes the amount of AC power required to charge the batteries, thereby reducing your power consumption considerably. It also provides ripple free DC supply to batteries, thus enhancing the battery life.

Compatibility with batteries: Two-way slider switch gives you the option to select any battery type and charging. Using Kevin’s LA, SMF or Tubular batteries ensure better performance

User-friendly graphical display with audible alerts: Kevin Sine Wave UPS has a bright graphical display equipped with an audible alarm keeps you informed and alert about the system’s condition.

Fuzzy logic: Kevin’s own patented advanced Fuzzy Logic Controlled charging technology senses the battery’s requirements and then controls the charging process appropriately, giving you huge savings on electricity, and also preserves the battery and extends battery life.
Low Energy Lightbulbs 10
TV Sets 1
Home Theatre Systems 1
Personal Computer(PC) 1
Air Conditioners –
Deep Freezers –


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