Luminous 2.5kva/36v Inverter


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This package includes
1. Luminous 2.5kva/36v Cruze Inverter
2. Delivery within Lagos.


Attractive LCD Display.
Pure Sine Wave Output
Fast Change-over Time
Fast Charging
Automatic Battery Management
Cold Start
DSP based design
Soft Start

3 X 12V Batteries are required


Luminous Cruze 2.5 KVA/36v is a powerful inverter for your home and office use. It can run TV set computers, Led lights, Ceiling fans and a small refrigerator.

Luminous offers only pure sine wave output inverters. These are a must for powering up your sensitive and sophisticated equipment. Pure or true sine wave produced by Luminous inverters is electrical power that is superior to the utility power you receive from the outlets in your home or office which is highly reliable and does not produce electrical noise or interference or overheating associated with the other types of inverters.
Other Features

Superior Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Technology
Highest charging and Normal charging mode.
Zero energy consumption in switch off and mains off mode.
Protection from Battery deep discharge and overcharge.
Can charge the deep discharge battery.
Reverse phase protection.
More backup and more power being a Sine Wave System.
Surge load capacity highest in its class.
Inverter to mains changes over at zero crossing.
Attractive LCD Display.

3 x 12v batteries are required