MultiPower 1.5KVA/24V Inverter + 2 Units of 12V/200AH Batterries


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High efficiency Thermal Management
Dual Line LCD
Battery Charging at Mains Low Voltage
Smart Short Circuit and Overload Protection
Advanced dsPIC technology
Safe for sensitive equipment

The MultiPower 1.5KVA/24V Inverter sine wave Inverter is a state-of-the-art inverter capable of delivering high quality power for your home or office use. This Inverter has a proven performance delivery history and is built on the superior PWM technology using MOSFET.

The Multipower Inverters offer these benefits:

Extended Power Backup: Get several hours of backup to meet your power need over most of the day. For the right load, your inverter over 10 hours of supply.

Zero Running costs: They require no consumables like diesel, petrol or oil, saving you lots of money spent on power and generators. Also no frequent breakdowns as you’re likely to get with your overworked power generator.

Noise-Free: Your inverter is noiseless. Now you can spare yourself all that generator noise you’ve enduring as a necessary evil

No Oil Mess too: inverter uses no oil, causes no oil spill or dirt and is a clean appliance like other gadgets in your room.

No Fumes: The inverter also produces no fumes or smoke, saving your environment all the air pollution your power generator punishes you with.

Auto-run: All the stress of starting, stopping, changing over, topping oil, pouring diesel, cleaning oil mess and all the other tedious chores of managing a generator are eliminated for you. inverters run in automated mode, requiring no manual intervention.

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