Crown Micro Orcedo 10000TL3-S & 11000TL3-S : 12000W – 13200W – Pure Sine-wave On-Grid Inverter


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The Crown micro orcedo  has Power: 10000TL3-S /11000TL3-S with a Pure On-Grid Inverter, Form factor: Wallmount.

MODEL Orcedo 10000TL3-S Orcedo 11000TL3-S
Max. recommended PV power (for module STC) 12000W 13200W
Max. DC voltage 1000V 1000V
Start Voltage 160V 160V
PV voltage range 160V-1000V 160V-1000V
Nominal voltage 600V 600V
MPPT voltage range at Full Power 450V-850V 450V-850V
Max. input current 13A/13A 13A/13A
Number of independent MPP trackers/ strings per MPP tracker 2/1 2/1
Output (AC)
Rated AC output power 10kW 11kW
Max AC apparent power 11kVA 12.1kVA
Max. output current 16.7A 18.3A
AC nominal voltage; range 230V/400V
AC grid frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Power factor 0.8leading – 0.8laging 0.8leading – 0.8laging
THDi <3% <3%
AC grid connection type 3/N/PE 3/N/PE
Max.efficiency 98.4% 98.4%
Euro – eta 98% 98%
MPPT efficiency 99.5% 99.5%
Protection Devices
DC reverse polarity protection yes yes
DC switch for each MPPT yes yes
Output over current protection yes yes
Output AC overvoltage Protection – Varistor yes yes
Ground fault monitoring yes yes
Grid monitoring yes yes
Integrated all-pole sensitive leakage current monitoring unit yes yes
Grid monitoring
Dimensions(W/H/D) 480/448/200 mm 480/448/200 mm
Weight 21.6kg 21.6kg
Operating temperature range -25 °C … +60 °C -25 °C … +60 °C
Noise emission (typical) ≤35 dB(A) ≤35 dB(A)
Altitude 3000m 3000m
Self-consumption night < 0.5W < 0.5W
Topology Transformerless Transformerless
Cooling concept Natural Natural
Environmental Protection Rating IP65 IP65
Relative humidity 0~100% 0~100%
DC connection H4/MC4(opt) H4/MC4(opt)
AC connection Screw terminal Screw terminal
Display LCD LCD
Interfaces:RS232/RS485/RF/Ethernet/Wi-Fi yes/yes/opt/opt/opt yes/yes/opt/opt/opt
Warranty:5 years/10 years yes/opt yes/ospt

Looking for an inverter with innovative and superior quality products? CROWN Inverters is it! With compatible features on all capacities, this is an inverter that is friendly to all your home and office appliances.

The Crown Micro Orcedo is a Pure Sine-wave On-Grid Inverter – Wallmount. It has the power of: 10000TL3-S /11000TL3-S with a Pure On-Grid Inverter, Form factor: Wallmount. A Leading – edge Technology with a Max DC Voltage of up to 1000V and an innovative Compact design.

Max efficiency 98.4%, High power density, offer lighter and easy installation, Natural cooling, fanless design, Multi MPP controller . WiFi, Ethernet, Compact design, Max. DC Voltage up to 1000V, Leading – edge Technology, High power density, offer lighter and easy installation, Flexible communication connection, support RF, Comprehensive Growatt warranty program.


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