Prag 1.45KVA Solar Inverter

Output voltage @ 24V DC 50Hz ± 0.5 Hz
Change Over Time 10.5V DC
Charging Current (Mains) Nominal Charge – 13 A ± 1A
High Charge – 15 A ± 1A
Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave

Technology PWM based
Solar PV Current 30A
Charge Controller Efficiency

Looking for an inverter that is built for strength and durability? PRAG Inverters is it! With pure sine wave design on all capacities, you have with you an inverter that is friendly to all your home and office appliances.

PRAG Solar Inverter is the new generation hybrid bi-directional power conditioning unit designed with high end DSP based design and enables Pure Sine Wave output. It provides hybrid charging to battery from both Solar and Mains with full utilization of Solar Energy. It can charge the battery fast with minimum utilization of Mains/Grid Power. PRAG Solar Inverter has an intelligent charging profile selection and also high solar charging efficiency. It also has high protection against short circuits and overloading.

• Pure sine wave output.
• Solar PV Reverse voltage protection.
• Electronic Over Charging Current Protection
• Fully regulated charge controller inside
• Draws ZERO current from input if solar power is available
• Attractive LCD Display (different backlit color for different operation and protection).
• Preferential charging from Solar to reduce commercial mains usage
• Solar charger efficiency ≥ 95%
• Suitable for PV panels up to 3500Wp
• Low self – consumption
• Rated for continuous operation ar full load
• Complete auto hybrid system
• Highly efficient with inbuilt electrical protections
• Increased battery protection for long and consistent back up
• Intelligent battery charging algorithm
• Equipped with charging current selection
• Equipped with all required electrical protections

• Residential Houses
• Petrol Pumps
• Shopping Malls
• Small Offices
• Doctor’s Clinics

• Savings on electricity bill
• Maximum utilization of solar energy even when mains is available
• Pure and highly regulated Sine Wave output for better performance & safety to the connected loads
• Flexibility of use with all types of batteries
• Environment friendly
• Economical & reliable. Easy to install
• Equipped with comprehensive electrical protection to keep the connected appliances safe
• User selectable options for battery types & charging current


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