Prag 2.5KVA24V Inverter

Pure sine wave output
1.2va/12v Inverter
No Of Batteries required 1 x 12v

Looking for an inverter that is built for strength and durability? PRAG Inverters is it! With pure sine wave design on all capacities, you have with you an inverter that is friendly to all your home and office appliances.

PRAG inverters are generator compatible and have 3 stage charger which ensures your battery’s protection. They also come with user friendly operation interface that indicates the different operation parameters of the inverter.

• Pure sine wave inverter,
• UPS, AVR (Stabilizer) and charger function
• Generator compatible
• Intelligent 3 stage charger protects your battery
• 32-bit high-speed CPU control, swift response, more accurate detection
• Color LED, user-friendly operation interface, displays clearly device’s working status, input & output voltage, loading status, battery status etc.
• Low power self-consumption
• Fast changeover, guarantees uninterrupted power supply
• True C.R.G.O Toroidal transformer design provides high efficiency, low static loss, much more energy saving than old square transformer type design.


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