Prag 6KVA-48V Inverter-PRO

Fast Charging Pure Sine Wave Inverter with RCC Remote Control

Looking for an inverter that is built for strength and durability? PRAG Inverters is it! With pure sine wave design on all capacities, you have with you an inverter that is friendly to all your home and office appliances.

PRAG 6KVA-48V ADV Inverter is an inverter/charger combination with high reliability providing true sine-wave inverter, lead acid battery charger and AC transfer switch together. It can be connected to either solar, grid or generator to compose power system for the most demanding power backup application.

PRAG Energier Pro was the bi-directional inverter designed for advanced solar hybrid system. Energier Pro delivers high reliability, performance and industry leading efficiency for mission critical application. In areas where the grid was limited or unreliable, where diesel generators are still being heavily relied on, Energier Pro will be a perfect choice to compose hybrid power solution.

PRAG Energier Pro integrated multiple functions, including a powerful battery charger, true sine wave inverter and a high speed automatic transfer switch. Its distinguishing surge capability makes it capable to power most demanding appliances, such as air conditioner, water pump, washing machine, freezer etc.

With built in AEA, it can automatically allocate the power available with AC source (either grid or genset) using whatever extra to charging, thus avoiding grid or generator to be overloaded. Through TAI, it is capable of handling two independent AC sources which could automatically switchbetween active grid and diesel generators

Pure sine wave output with outstanding peak power
High efficiency up to 94.8%
Extremely low static consumption power
Solar mode makes the energy from sun be used as primary
Powerful sophisticated lead acid battery charger featuring multi-stage charging algorithm, automatic temperature compensation and voltage compensation
Equalization charging program was available
Fully programmable with Vision Lite or Vision Pro monitor
Lithium Battery charging was available
GEN mode makes it compatible with majority of generators in the market
Weak Grid mode can dramatically increase the usage of grid upon available
Standby level adjustable
Compatible with T-bus


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