Spectra 10KVA/180V Inverter + 15 200AH/12V Deep Cycle Batteries

Capacity > 10KVA/180V
Very Low Total Harmonic Distortion <3% Zero Delay Changeover MOSFET/IGBT based PWM Technology Auto Sense Smart Charger

The Spectra 10KVA/180V “Static UPS” Inverter provides clean and stable power supply, this is pure AC Sine Wave power supply from charged batteries, The spectra design of this DSP sine wave Static UPS is based on the world’s latest DSP technology. It is reliable, efficient and a highly cost-effective power back-up solution. The DSP sine wave technology eliminates the problem faced by some sophisticated and critical appliances such as sags, surges, noise, brown outs, black outs etc.

Major Power Backup source In Corporate offices.
Emergency and Mobile Power Systems.
A.C and all Compressor Based Applications.
Petrol/Diesel Dispensing(Filling) Machines.
Water Pumps and similar Motor Driven Equipment.


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