Spectra 5KVA/48V Inverter + 4 200AH/12V Deep Cycle Batteries

Battery deep discharge protection.
Charger capable of charging deep discharged batteries.
Near Zero harmonic distortions.
Better overload handling capacity.
Noiseless in operation.
User friendly LED display.
High surges capability.
Runs heavy loads.
Battery pole reversal protection.

The Spectra 5KVA/48V DSP sine wave inverter, provides the robust option for both corporate and home use. The 5KVA has sufficient capacity to provide a stop-gap power backup for essential utilities before mains power is restored, for extended backup time, you may consider the extended backup provided by the 5KVA/48V.

The 5KVA/48V inverter provides enough power for comfortable power backup for a home or office. Excluding high power consumption equipment like air conditioners, freezers and fridges, the 5kva inverter will take most of other equipment at home and deliver excellent power backup.

Battery capacity of up to 200Ah is recommended for better backup performance, though lower capacity battery can also be used. The 5KVA/48V inverter can power such equipment as: tube Lights, fans, DVDs/LCDs, TVs, computers, etc (see estimated load capacity below).

Estimated load capacity:

1 Fridge
6 Fans
6 Lighting Points
1 Home Theatre Music System
1 PC
1 1HP AC


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