Su-kam 1400VA/24V Inverter + 2 12V/200Ah Wet Cell Batteries

The 1400VA/24V Inverter is based on Su-kam’s proprietary micro-controller technology that is synonymous with the Falcon Sine Wave UPS series. The 1400VA/24V inverter utilizes the Dsp Sine Wave Technology to produce 100% sine wave output that has a constant voltage and frequency making the power output from this inverter purer than that supplied from the mains. The 1400VA/24V Inverter requires two 12V deep cycle batterries.
Key Features:

No Time Gap(Startup delay) between power cut and resumption of backup power.

Low Running cost since the inverter draws only the required power from the battery unlike regular generating sets.

Pure Sine Wave (100% Pure Power) i.e constant output voltage and frequency with no flunctuation

The Automatic overload regulation function enables the Falcon Sine Wave UPS to reset itself on system overload, and gives warning via repeated alarms.

The Falcon UPS has two modes, the UPS mode and the Wide UPS mode, a two-way slider switch gives you the option to select which mode you want the system to run on. The UPS mode is for sensitive appliances, while the wide mode is for running less sensitive appliances.

The The Falcon DSP Sine Wave UPS has a very User-friendly graphical display in combination with it’s audible alerts. These features makes it easy for real-time monitoring of the inverter.


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