Su-Kam Pure Sinewave Inverter 10KVA/180V + 15 200AH/12V Deep Cycle Batteries


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The Su-Kam 10KVA/180V Pure Sinewave Inverter is part of Su-kam’s colossal series inverters, the Pure Sinewave Inverter 10KVA/180V is based on the backbone of Su-kam’s reliable DSP Sinewave technology that combines the power of Soft Start technology with the robustness of fuzzy logic technology to present this inverter that is a complete power generation solution. The expanded capacity of the 10KVA/180V inverter makes it suitable for large homes and commercial concerns, the 10KVA/180V is capable of simulataneously running most appliances from lighting points to Escalators, Lifts, Air conditioners, Refrigerators and so on.

Su-kam’s 10KVA/180V requires 15 12V deep cycle batteries to run. The expanded capacity of the 10KVA/180V inverter makes it a better alternative to Diesel or Petrol generating sets as it can meet the requirements of establishments such as Hospitals, Churches, Petrol stations, Hotels, Cinemas and homes.

Key Features:

Fuzzy Logic Controlled Battery Charging: This technology equips the inverter to accurately read the battery’s charging requirements and fulfill same, hence eliminating the possibility of battery over-charge.

Cold Start Technology: This feature enables users to be able to turn on the inverter in battery mode i.e To start the inverter when the mains power has failed.

Runs Heavy duty appliances/equipments: The large capacity of the 10KVA/180V Pure Sinewave Inverter makes it well equipped to handle multiple heavy duty appliances for extended periods of time.

Built-in Galvanic Isolation Transformer: This is one of a suite of features designed to enhance battery performance and prolong battery life.

Pure Sine Wave Output with constant Voltage & Frequency that can be relied upon at all times.

Safe for sensitive equipment: The output from the 10KVA/180V Pure Sinewave Inverter is 100% guaranteed to be Pure Sine Wave power, making it ideal for running all types of sensitive and sophisticated equipments.


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