Sukam Fusion 2.2kva/36v Pure Sine Wave Inverter


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Multifunction Graphical LED display
Power Switch active indication
5 LEDs show operation states – for operation, state of charge, fault message

Su-Kam Fusion 2.2 KVA inverter is the world’s most advanced design that works on DSP Sine Wave Technology. It is equipped to provide 100% pure sine wave power to multiple heavy duty appliances simultaneously. The power supplied by Su-Kam Fusion 2.2 KVA commercial UPS is actually purer than the power supplied from the mains, resulting in a noise-free home and office environment. With all the investment in the acquisition of sophisticated home appliances, you need not just steady power to run and enjoy them, you also need a power source that’s friendly to such delicate appliances. Most power generators are not. Some of the inverters that produce other than pure sine wave power output also fall short. Using them has a price in terms of durability of your precious equipment. That’s where a pure sine wave inverter, with advanced inverting technology, like the Su-Kam Fusion Series, is the top choice.

Su-Kam Fusion 2.2 KVA Fusion series inverter, allows you to run a multitude of appliances without a break so you lead a life without hassles.


Great Money Saver – Su-Kam Fusion 2.2 KVA Commercial UPS can be installed with just 3 batteries instead of the usual 4 batteries that other UPS in that particular range require. Built with technology, it helps carry the load with lesser number of batteries and saves a considerable amount of space and money.

Reduce Electricity Bills – Su-Kam Fusion 2.2 KVA has been designed with a very low load power consumption, which saves more than 200 units per year helping to reduce electricity bills. Its superior back up mode makes it 90% more efficient than any other UPS today.

High Load Power Factor – Fusion 2.2 KVA is equipped to run heavy duty appliances like laser printers, photocopy machines, water pumps up to 1HP, 360l refrigerator, 500W air coolers, washing machines, 0.8 ton air conditioner, juicer mixer grinder and many other electrical items. The High Load Power Factor (0.8PF) can run 6 PC’s simultaneously.

Protects Appliances – Fusion 2.2 KVA’s superior HCLC (High Cut/Low Cut) technology provides complete and constant protection for your appliances such as TVs, Home theatres, Satellite dishes etc. the HCLC technology provides 100% protection against voltage fluctuations and short circuits etc.

Powers Mixed Load – Su-Kam Fusion 2.2 KVA is equipped to run mixed load, it can easily run office appliances such as laser printer, photocopier as well as home appliances such as washing machine, water pumps, refrigerator etc.

High Initial Current – Su-Kam’s Fusion 2.2 KVA Commercial UPS can effortlessly run heavy-duty appliances which require high initial current for start-up such as photocopier machine, water pump etc.


Automatic Bypass – Su-Kam Fusion 2.2 KVA inverter has automatic bypass feature which forms a second line of defense in case of UPS failure. During failure, this Automatic Bypass Switch ensures that the load drops automatically onto the mains input feed, to avoid any disruption due to inverter malfunction.

LED Display Panel – Su-Kam Fusion 2.2 KVA comes equipped with a smart LED display which blinks messages during emergencies. This convenient and hassle-free LED Display is designed to be user friendly , helps manage the load along with controlling the back-up time by indicating the load being powered and the status of the battery constantly.

Instant Switch Over – The exceeding low changeover time of less than 8msec, eliminates rebooting of running appliances like PC’s, modems, set top boxes etc, ensuring constant connectivity.

Inbuilt Protection – Su-Kam Fusion 2.2 KVA Commercial UPS offers 100% protection against wiring fault and back-feed / short-circuit. Incase a wrong wire has been connected by any error, the system automatically goes into the protection safety mode, avoiding any possible mishap.

Feature Highlights of Su-Kam Fusion Series 2.2kVA/36V Inverter / Commercial UPS

General Product Features

Pure Sine Wave output to run all appliances efficiently and noiselessly
Smart SMPS-based fast battery charger to save up 40% electricity bill compared to similar products
Intelligent thermal management system
Solar compatibility
Manual static by-pass switch

Electronic Protection Features

Battery reversal pole protection
Battery deep discharge and overcharge protection
high surge load handling capability
Inbuilt wrong wire connection protection
Smart overlaod and short-circuit protection with 8 times auto retry
Reverse current flow protection


Multifunction Graphical LED display
Power Switch active indication
5 LEDs show operation states – for operation, state of charge, fault message


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