Sukam Pure Sine Wave Commercial UPS 2.2KVA/36V Inverter + 3 Deep Cycle Batteries

The Su-Kam Fusion 2.2 KVA commercial UPS is one of the most advanced inverter/UPS in the market today, this UPS is based on Su-kam’s unique proprietory Dsp Sine Wave technology. It comes equipped with state of the art technology that guarantees 100% pure sine wave power output, in fact the power suplied by the Su-Kam Fusion 2.2 KVA commercial UPS is purer than that can be obtained from the mains. In an ideal home/office environment where equipments such as desktop computers, servers, water motor Pumps, etc are run, you need a reliable source of back-up power that can supply multiple haevy appliances at thesame time. A regular UPS cannot support multiple heavy appliances that draw substantial power from source.
The Su-Kam Fusion 2.2 KVA Commercial UPS, gives you the ability to run multiple appliances without interruption so you can lead a normal life free of hassles.

Short Circuit Protection Through Fuse
Reverse Battery Mode with LED Indication
Rverse PV array with LED Indication
Surges/Spikes protection with MOV
No mechanical switch, uses MOSFET as an electronic switch
In-built Technology prevents overheating, overcharging, over discharging, overload and short circuit.


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