Sukam Fusion 3.5KVA/48V Inverter


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Short Circuit Protection Through Fuse
Reverse Battery Mode with LED Indication
Rverse PV array with LED Indication
Surges/Spikes protection with MOV
No mechanical switch, uses MOSFET as an electronic switch
In-built Technology prevents overheating, overcharging, over discharging, overload and short circuit.

Product Description

The Sukam 3.5KVA/48V Fusion Series inverter & commercial UPS offers a sizable capacity for power backup. This Su-Kam inverter capacity can support most appliances in the home or office, excluding only the heavy power users like air conditioners and deep freezers. While the manufacturer, Su-Kam, actually lists the 3.5kva/48V Fusion Series as capable of supporting a small air conditioning unit, we would rather you leave out your air conditioner or freezer from your load for this capacity. That will help achieve better power backup performance for your setup.

The 3.5KVA/48V Su-Kam inverter provides a UPS mode to ensure that even the most sensitive equipment runs uninterrupted during system switchover to battery supply. As a result, your computer, plasma TV or other appliances continue to run without a break or reboot, even when no external UPS has been installed. When power fails, the switchover is not only automatic but also instant and seamless. This protects your precious equipment. With the Su-Kam 3.5KVA/48V, you need no extra investment in a separate UPS as this unit is designed to serve both purposes.


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